I just recently switched from blogspot, the google run blogging program, to wordpress. Blogspot lacked some of the functionality that I considered almost vital to created a decent blogging website. Although wordpress reminds me of Vista when it comes to ease of use, it is kind of complicated, so far it has everything I need. I’m here to stay and at the moment I’m working heavily on fixing the layout. When I was over on blogspot I was content with how the layout looked but now that I’ve moved I’m having trouble finding something I like whilst creating a decent banner for it. I would love to hear suggestions, so feel free to comment below!

As you also might be able to tell the site is still under construction. I haven’t been able to add all of the information I’ve wanted yet, however I will still get all of the latest news out as soon as it appears.  I will try to have a new blog entry daily, which can be found by clicking the Guild Wars 2 News Feed tab above. Soon I will also have the professions and race pages complete with videos that are available and brief descriptions.

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